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Why is the MangoICT platform different?

Develop your marketing expression 10x faster then ever before.

Our platform is build for speed and collaboration!

Let each specialist work at where they are good at.

Build beautiful responsive marketing websites without a single drop of code.

Turn your online business into an intelligent streamlined process.

Hassle free editing

Only alter what the designer intended to be editable.

Saves changes automaticly while you edit your page.

Build in intelligence.

Build customer centric experiences with flows.

Itterate on different versions of the same webpage.

Do you want marketing insight?

Our tools will help you organise your marketing with ease. Start today.

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Strategic marketing plan

Create your marketing year plan with ease.

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Customer profiling

Create and manage your customer profiles.

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Customer journey

Create and manage your customer journeys. Combine inbound and outbound marketing.

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Marketing agenda

Create and manage the marketing agenda inside your company. We offer connections to Google / Outlook calendar.

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Marketing think tank

Collect all your marketing ideas in one central place.

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Marketing timeline

Get a grip on your marketing over time with our marketing timeline.

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Outbound marketing

Our email builder gives you full power over your outbound marketing.

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Inbound marketing

Our site builder gives you full power over your inbound marketing.

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Social media marketing

Our social media builder gives you full power over your social media marketing.

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Our All inclusive Pricing Plan that covers you well


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From our valued clients, who we work and build great software for.
  • Customer Testimonails

    We sell our unique product the bugbuster with great ease with this incredible piece of software!

    Jerry van Meulen CEO
  • Customer Testimonails

    From a marketing perspective we could not be more happy. Creating landing pages for our Facebook campagnes was never this easy!

    Charel Zwijnenburg Head of Marketing -
  • Customer Testimonails

    Complete control of all your marketing automation. That is what we strive to do each day! And its all possible with MANGOAPP.

    Gerhard Richard Edens CEO - MangoICT